​One day I got up, looked at myself in the mirror and burst into tears. Deep wrinkles on my forehead, giant wrinkles in the nose - lip lines, some bumps on the skin - it seemed like a cold gray autumn would come, but what the heart needed was heat and light. For some reason I suddenly remembered a story of a woman who managed to rejuvenate her face in the beauty salon in Tunisia. In this former colony of France there are many experienced French cosmetics specialists who use French preparations. They are just as good as in France, but two or three times cheaper. That's why travel to beauty salons in Tunisia around the world is very popular, including the Netherlands :-)"I think I deserve to be beautiful, right ?! I thought so and started looking for information about a trip to Tunisia. In the very first travel agency I received an excellent offer to Tunisia, 50% off! In short, two days later I was in the Hammamet resort, in the large beauty center Bio Azur. Local magicians immediately began to treat my face and body. I do not want to take your time with stories about all those algae and mud casings, hydra massage bath and so on. It is off-topic. I'll tell you how she treated my face.

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